TMSG: Woman Finds Out Her Boyfriend Was Her Donor For Blood Transfusion

A woman recently found out her boyfriend was the blood donor who saved her life 11 years ago. Lin Xiaofen, from Taiwan almost lost her life after a serious car accident a little over a decade ago. After being rushed to the hospital Xiaofen received infusions of two pints of isolated platelets and 10 pints of blood.

The couple has only been together for 2 years but they recently started talking about her accident and the blood transfusions she needed to save her life. It was during that conversation that her boyfriend, Lian Zhincheng, joked that his blood could have been used to save her life. Although the two were joking they decided to check it out just for the fun of it. Turns out medical authorities confirmed to Xiaofen that Zhincheng’s blood was used in the transfusions.

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Every two seconds someone needs blood and only three out of 100 people in the U.S. currently give blood.There simply aren’t enough people donating blood to help patients in need.On June 11, the American Red Cross will launch the Missing Types campaign to raise awareness about the unmet need for blood and how donors can help save lives.

For those who have never donated before, or who haven’t rolled up a sleeve in a few years, the message is clear: you can help fill the missing types. The effort also aligns with World Blood Donor Day on June 14. Summer can be a difficult time to collect enough blood to meet patient needs, which is one of the reasons World Blood Donor Day is celebrated in June.

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