Morgan1 Is Leaving The Show For Promotion With Bobby


Morgan1 is leaving The Bobby Bones Show as a producer, but she's still going to be around. She has been promoted to a new position where she will be working on more of Bobby's projects outside of the radio show. Bobby met Morgan in a college class she was taking and he was speaking to.

From there she started as an intern on the show, moved to phone screener, then head producer, and is now being promoted again! We're all very happy for Morgan1 however, Utility Hillary took the news pretty hard. She actually cried when she found out! Hillary says the two are such close friends and she's very happy for Morgan1, but will really miss sitting next to her every day. Bobby wants to reassure everyone that although Morgan1 won't physically be in the building, her new office is only a half mile down the road.

Aside from the differing reactions to Morgan's news, the big debate is whether or not Morgan2 should remain Morgan2. A Twitter poll says that she should keep the "2" because that's how fans identity her. Morgan2 and Amy both agree that without Morgan1 there is no need for the "2". Bobby says that he is still working with both Morgans on a daily basis so the nicknames will remain the same for him.

Congratulations Morgan1, we are so happy for you and wish you the best of luck in your new position!

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