We Unveiled Our Brand New Studio

It's been over five years since The Bobby Bones Show moved to Nashville from their hometown city of Austin, Texas. Once they moved to Nashville, Tennessee, the studio that they moved into was decades old. The studio used to house an older country morning show that had been there for years.

Bobby Bones had complained ever since moving to Nashville that the equipment was so old and there were always issues with equipment during show moments. So finally, after Bones signed a new contract, it was time for a brand new, totally revamped studio. The new studio was unveiled today (July 15) complete with new desks, studio chairs, a stage for artist performances, and comfy interview chairs. Plus in the new studio, Bones is wearing wireless headphones instead of the old ones he's worn his entire radio career.

The only item that made it to the new studio from the old studio is the "Fight. Grind. Repeat." chair from Garth Brooks that was gifted to Bones during the artist chair sponsorship situation. The first guest we had in the studio was Bones new puppy Stanley and he even sat in the guest seat. The first artist we had in the studio was Chris Janson who came in to perform a collection of his biggest hits.

Check out the first ever live stream of the show on Facebook and YouTube. Be aware there are some technology issues as the show continues to figure everything out!

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