Baby Box Turns One Today & Lunchbox Wants To Miss Some Of It For Soccer

Lunchbox's Baby Box turned one-year-old today, a huge milestone if you recall that Baby Box had to spend some time in the NICU after he was born in 2018.

So Baby Box turning one-year-old is definitely something to be celebrated. Lunchbox's wife wants to celebrate in all the big ways with cake and balloons, all the works. Lunchbox says he's ok with doing some of that, but by night time when he goes to bed, Lunchbox wants to go play in his coed soccer game.

His wife isn't wanting him to leave for the soccer game, because she says she wants Lunchbox to be there for their night routine. Lunchbox says it's really not a big deal and he should be able to go to his game.

Bobby and Amy said that Lunchbox should do whatever his wife wants because it should be just as much about her as it is about Baby Box. Eddie says it's really no big deal in the grand scheme of things, so Lunchbox should go.

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