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Garth Brooks Daughter Allie Colleen Hates His Song "Friends In Low Places"

New artist Allie Colleen has just recently started giving music her undivided attention. Colleen is the daughter of country artist Garth Brooks, who she had promised to receive her college diploma before pursuing music. She attended Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee where she said she loved college and being a college kid. Colleen graduated last year and has been hard at work on her new music ever since!

"Work In Progress" is Colleen's recently released single that she said perfectly describes who she is right now and where she is in life. Colleen explained how she doesn't have everything figured out. She took time in college and even over this past year to figure out who she is and what kind of messages she wants to tell through her music and this song is the perfect message. She is still a "work in progress" and embraces life's learning experiences.

Bobby Bones said he heard her voice when someone passed him her song, and before he even knew who she was he loved it. Bones asked why she used "Colleen" instead of "Brooks" to which Colleen said it was her grandmothers name. Her grandmother, Garth Brook's mother's, name was Colleen and she too was a country singer. Colleen said her grandfather told her how he was in the military and had a night off so him and a few military friends went to a local bar where he saw her grandmother singing. He immediately thought "that's the woman I am going to marry". Colleen loves this story and how her grandmother's music is what started the love between her grandparents so she decided to use "Colleen" instead of "Brooks."

Bones joked that he saw Colleen post a tweet that said she loves getting mean comments about her music. She said she actually loves the mean comments because it means she has a growing fan base and she has enough fans to also have haters. Colleen has a YouTube channel where she posts videos of herself singing; Bones agreed and said with fans comes haters!

Also, Colleen revealed that she absolutely hates her father's song "Friends In Low Places" because people always tried to use it as a pickup line on her in school. Her favorite song of his is "When You Come Back To Me Again."

Listen to the FULL interview to hear Colleen tells Bones about her many tattoos! She also performed her new single "Work In Progress" that you can watch on Bobby Bones Show's Instagram TV Channel here.