This Time We Drafted Our Favorite Fast-Food Restaurants

Fantasy Football is right around the corner and in honor of Fantasy Football season The Bobby Bones Show has been hosting their own fantasy drafts. They've drafted their favorite Disney songs, their top vegetable choices, the greatest country love songs and our favorite 'Chris. Recently, we've started having people vote on whose draft picks are the best. Morgan2 won the first one with the best picks for country love songs. Eddie won the second draft with the favorite choice of 'Chris.

Now in the draft game, the show had to make their top picks for their favorite fast-food restaurants.

Bobby's picks:

  • Round 1: In-N-Out Burger
  • Round 2: McDonalds
  • Round 3: Culvers

Amy's picks:

  • Round 1: Chipotle
  • Round 2: Starbucks
  • Round 3: Dairy Queen

Lunchbox's picks:

  • Round 1: Panera Bread
  • Round 2: Whataburger
  • Round 3: KFC

Eddie's picks:

  • Round 1: Chick-fil-A
  • Round 2: Pizza Hut
  • Round 3: Quizno's

Morgan2's picks:

  • Round 1: Taco Bell
  • Round 2: Sonic
  • Round 3: Wendy's

Now we need your help, who has the best 'greatest country love song' draft? Help us by voting here!