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Chris Lane Stepped In Dog Poop Moments Before Proposing To Lauren Bushnell

Love birds, Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell, joined The Bobby Bones Show for the Friday Morning Conversation. Lane just recently proposed to Bushnell on Father's Day and he actually told Bobby Bones how he was going to do it before it even happened. All three of them were standing right next to each at the CMT Awards when Lane leaned in and told Bones all the details on the upcoming engagement, with Bushnell standing just feet away. Lane also told Brad Paisley that he had written a song specifically for the proposal and Paisley said it was risky, because "what if she doesn't like the song?"

The song Lane wrote for the proposal is called "Big, Big Plans;" Bushnell said she loves the song and every time she hears it, it brings back all the great emotions of that day. Lane was super secretive when writing, practicing, and recording the song. He didn't want Bushnell to hear it so every time she left the house he would practice and then make sure to stop before she got home.

Amy asked how he organically played the song without giving away what he was doing; Lane said it all just came together. Bushnell is from Portland, Oregon where the two were visiting her family for Father's Day. Lane told Bushnell to prepare for a nice date the following evening to try to throw her off. He laughed at how he had the whole plan playing in his head; he would play the song through the house speakers, People Magazine was already there for different reasons so they would help capture the moment, and he would bring Bushnell out to the yard to ask her the big question.

That's when things didn't go as planned. Lane said the song wasn't ready yet so he was forced to play the unfinished version of the song and as he was walking over to ask Bushnell if she wanted to hear the song he stepped in dog poop. Lane remembered that he ran to wash it off and in the process was so nervous he forgot everything he wanted to say. So he took a Sharpie marker and wrote the words "best thing" on his hand to remember to start off by saying Bushnell was the best thing that's ever happened to him and hopefully the rest would flow from there. Needless to say the proposal went smoothly, Lane played the song "Big, Big Plans" and asked Bushnell to marry him; to which she said yes.

Watch the full interview for a fun Newlywed Game between Lane and Bushnell. Bushnell also jokes to Bones that she's new to Nashville, Tennessee, so if anyone in the area needs new friends she is available.