Bobby Found Out Details To Pursue Being Arkansas Governor

Bobby Bones has been setting his sights on new projects from television shows to events, and now... politics. This isn't a new project in terms of Bones just now bringing up that he wants to pursue politics. Bones has always wanted to pursue politics in some form or fashion and he's been vocal about that.

He wants to start out in his home state of Arkansas as the governor and then move on towards bigger political platforms. Recently, he said that this could be happening in the upcoming years and no longer 'a long time from now.' He even told co-host Amy off the air that she should start 'getting ready' for a possible change.

On The Bobby Bones Show today (August 1), Bones shared that he had attorneys look into the legalities of running for Arkansas Governor. He found out that he needs to have lived in Arkansas for 7 straight years at some point in his life, which he did for his whole childhood into his early 20s.

Only time will tell what political aspirations Bones may go after in the coming years.