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Answering Your Questions (The 5th Thing)

This is Amy’s ‘5th Thing’ (a bonus episode) where she answers your questions every Tuesday! ‘4 Things With Amy Brown’ comes out every Thursday, but on Tuesdays Amy answers questions you’ve emailed in. On today's episode Amy address: how one teacher wants to be PIMPIN that JOY to a fellow teacher (BONUS: she also shares how YOU will soon be able to spread joy and appreciation to the teachers in your life with a new #4ThingsTote for teachers...while also helping education in Haiti WIN.WIN.), what foods you should be eating & avoiding for better skin, the crazy vibrating ball on her Amazon page, how much collagen (vital proteins) you should have on a daily basis, her opinion & experience with not stressing over eating foods that you may have been avoiding, and why she will never put dip powder on her nails again!!!! You can send in questions directly to Amy here: one week your question will be shared!!

(Episode 61)

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