This Is What Bobby, Amy, And Lunchbox's Personal Warning Labels Would Say

The Bobby Bones Show was texted a question by one of their listeners. They asked if the show members had warning labels, what they would say.

Bobby Bones shared his thoughts for Amy and Lunchbox's personal warning labels as well as for himself.

For Bobby's personal warning label:

  • WARNING: Hates when you're late. WARNING: Always early. WARNING: Shows up early to parties. WARNING: Addictive personality. WARNING: Do not open, dead inside. WARNING: Has trouble with commitment. WARNING: Drives super slow. WARNING: Don't send long texts to him, he won't respond.

For Amy's personal warning label:

  • WARNING: Has to pee frequently. WARNING: Not a great driver. WARNING: Unable to concentrate. WARNING: Doesn't believe in microwaves. WARNING: May spoil movies at any time. WARNING: Phone calls will last longer than expected if called.

For Lunchbox's personal warning label:

  • WARNING: Emits toxic fumes. WARNING: Will not pay you back. WARNING: Chokes under pressure AKA Choke Box. WARNING: Ear protection required, very loud at times. WARNING: May contain strong language.

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