Amy's Pile: Couple Has Worn Matching Outfits For 68 Years

Francis and Rosemary Klontz have been married for 68 years. The two met in Junior High in Auburn, Washington. Those 68 years of marriage and almost a lifetime full of friendship means they're the perfect ones to know what makes a marriage work.

Turns out, it's matching outfits! Rosemary said that her mother bought them matching shirts when they were in high school that Rosemary had picked out and ever since, they've been matching clothes.

Francis says he loves it saying "She just lays it out for me, and I don't have to worry about a thing!"

The two aren't just in sync with their outfits, they are also in-tune with each other vocally. They duet together at their local church, hospitals, and even just around the house.

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