Grace Potter Says Kenny Chesney Cold Called Her For "You and Tequila"

It's been a few years since Grace Potter released new music. At one point, she wasn't sure if she would record any new albums. During her break from music, she also became a mom.

Becoming a mom and the shift in her life changed Potter's thoughts on pursuing music again. Since her baby being born, that was the first time Potter wanted to sing new music. Potter told The Bobby Bones Show that she has a new album coming out called Daylight and of the album and it's title, Potter relates it to being lost in the woods and finding your way out. This new album for her is all about telling her truth.

Potter confessed that the break in music ended up being her finding a way to be "cool with the reality of her life." That's what she says this album is all about for her. The single off the album is called "Love Is Love," produced by her husband Eric Valentine.

She talked about her collaborations with Kenny Chesney on "You and Tequila" as well as "Wild Child." As far as the song "You and Tequila," Potter says that Chesney cold called her. She was painting houses in Martha's Vineyard when a friend happened upon her CD. That CD was given to Chesney, who was bored one day on his boat and decided to listen. Chesney called Potter up after that and talked to her about doing the song together.

Watch Grace Potter perform her song "Stars" on The Bobby Bones Show Instagram TV Channel here.

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