Carrie Underwood Made Fun Of The Way Bobby Says His Name

Carrie Underwood took over the Country Top 30 while Bobby Bones was on vacation. She poked fun at him during her entrance of the show, but she also made fun of him and there was audio captured behind the scenes of it all going down that didn't actually air on the show.

While she was recording her parts for the show, Underwood joked that she should say "Bobby Bones" the same way that he says it on the radio. Apparently Bones says his name "Bobby Bones" with a big emphasis on the B-O in Bobby. Underwood asked if she should make fun of him, and then you hear in the audio people in the background all giving an astounding yes.

Listen below as Bones hears the audio back for the first time and doesn't seem to understand that he says his name in any particular way.