Lunchbox Went After Someone Who Parked In Bobby Bones' Parking Spot

Some would think after a few threats from Parking Enforcement Lunchbox, people would stop parking in Bobby Bones' marked parking spot. As it turns out though, people don't seem to follow the rules or read signs.

Lunchbox was at work the other day when he walked out to see someone parked in Bones parking spot that is officially marked as 'Reserved: Bobby Bones.' Either the person didn't think the sign was legit, or they just didn't care. Either way, Lunchbox went out to put a note on the car and film a video with a little PSA that no one should park there. He went back inside to get the boot to put it on the car, but when he came back out, the car was gone.

Drivers beware, you do not want Parking Enforcement Lunchbox on your bad side.

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