The Best Spots For Photo Ops In Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee has become a hot spot for tourists. Also known as "NashVegas" for Bachelor/Bachelorette parties that take over Broadway Street and the neon lights that light the path of several bars to drink the weekend away.

While Nashville's Broadway street is hard to beat when it comes to drinking and a good time, there are some other hotspots in Nashville that are perfect for those traveling. Particularly those who really like to take photo ops. Photos help us remember our vacations and Nashville has helped make them even more memorable with their murals and perfect picture-esque locations. So if you're headed to Nashville soon, or on the hunt for the perfect photo location, Morgan2 has you covered.

Some of the popular & some of the more unknown spots to get that perfect picture in Nashville:

The Pedestrian Bridge (Near Broadway)

Whether you stop by in the day or night, it's the perfect picture. You can step in the middle for a fun photo or off towards the side to get a perfect Nashville skyline as your backdrop.

Rose Pepper (East Nashville)

While Rose Pepper is well known for their queso, margaritas, and Mexican eats, they're most known for their epic signs. They have a big sign outside of their decorated building that they change out often with witty phrases. So stop by to get a photo & get some great Mexican while you're in town.

Gulch Wings (The Gulch)

This is a must hit spot at-least once when in Nashville. As far as the craze of taking pictures with murals, this is basically where it started in Nashville. Well that and the "I Believe In Nashville" sign (coming later). They're massive wings and honestly it's just a great picture. They even have mini ones right next to it for your kiddo or pooch.

Winky Lux (The Gulch)

They've set this place up literally as a business photo op for your Instagram. Well that, and makeup sales. They have a few rooms in there with different colors, decorations, and props for you to get the perfect photo. If you're up for the challenge!

Wall Of Lips (Hillsboro Village)

Whether you're in love or very single, this wall is the perfect place for a picture for one or a picture of love.

Parthenon (Centennial Park)

The Parthenon is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. It's massive and not only a perfect spot for a walk and outdoor time, but it can make some really cool pictures.

I Believe In Nashville (12 South)

This was one of the first murals I found when I first moved to Nashville and a popular one at that. Plus the 12 South district may be one of my favorites. Plenty of places to eat and other murals in the area so keep your eye out.

Arrington Vineyards (Arrington, TN)

If you decide to get out of the city for a little bit, head on over to Arrington Vineyard. Not only do they have great wine, it's the perfect backdrop for fun winery photos with your girlfriends, your love, or a bottle of wine.

Wall Of Records (Country Music Hall Of Fame)

The Country Music Hall Of Fame is a great spot for many reasons, of course the history and awesome things in, but there's a particular wall that's a favorite. The Wall Of Records. They have lined all kinds of records up and down full walls and it's a sight to see.

All The Walls (House Of Blues Studios)

There is no shortage of fun walls at the House Of Blues Studios. You can find any fun pop of color to get the perfect picture here!

Acoustic Skyline (The Gulch)

This is a fun one for the play on words. It's an acoustic skyline which in the mural is half of a guitar, with the other half as a guitar.

Keep your eyes open when you're out in Nashville. There are photo ops and fun murals wherever you go, this is just a small list of some favorites.