From Drinks To Apps, We Recommended Our Favorite Things In Life Right Now

The Bobby Bones Show crew is often asked about random things in life they recommend from places in Nashville to food to eat to apps to use. Everyone loves to share their knowledge with listeners so everyone can benefit from the great things in life.

We decided to share the things we suggest getting right now in a new segment called "BBS Recommends." In the first one everyone suggested things that range from drinks, food, apps, and a show for crying babies.

Bobby Recommended Nuun Electrolytes

They come in a variety of flavors that you put in your water to get added electrolytes.

Amy Recommended Califia Farms Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk Creamer

She drinks regular Califia Farms Almond Milk for her daily life, but tried Pumpkin Spice for a new flavor.

Lunchbox Recommended TV Show "Little Baby Bum"

He says this TV show is an enormous help for crying babies. Baby Box will be crying, but if this gets turned on, he immediately stops.

Eddie Recommended The GameTime App

He was just in New York and got to go to his first New York Yankees game for super cheap thanks to The GameTime App offering cheap tickets to everything.

Morgan2 Recommended Pumpkin Rolls From Trader Joe's

She said every fall season she buys multiple packs of these, but they're only around for Trader Joe's pumpkin season of things.