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Dating your spouse. Exercise Addiction. Surviving Grief. Stop Complaining.

FIRST THING: Ever wonder how to date your spouse or significant other when life is hectic? Amy’s husband, Ben, is on the podcast today! They both share their ideas of how to keep pursuing each other years into their relationship. SECONG THING: Lisa from @thewellnecessities is here to talk about exercise addiction. What is it and how do you create a healthy relationship with exercise as well as with food? Well Lisa has all the advice to help you get to the healthiest you! THIRD THING: Ashley Lemuix {@ashleyklemieux} is back with some exciting news…her first book, Born to Shine, is officially out! Ashley is here to share her story and how the immense grief that she had felt during a very difficult season has allowed her to help others. Things get real and they get emotional and we know there is so much to learn from Ashley. FOURTH THING: We all know how easy it is to get in the habit of complaining about certain things in our lives. Amy shares a short story from that will help shift your perspective and motivate you to change those things in your life that are constant complaints.               

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(Episode 80)

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