Lunchbox Showed Up To Work Event After Not Being Told It Was Canceled

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Lunchbox was very frustrated over a work event. Lunchbox was asked to attend a client's business for a radio event. He was to go to the business and talk about their specials and new opening. He got all dressed up, drove over in 5 o'clock traffic, and found out upon arriving that their wasn't actually a radio event that day.

He checked over his emails, texts, and phone calls again to be sure, but he never received a message from anyone telling him the event was canceled. He was naturally very frustrated by the situation. He brought it up on The Bobby Bones Show and says that he thinks he needs to be reimbursed by the sales person who put the event together. He says it wasn't fair that it took him going over to the event location to find out the event was canceled.

Bobby Bones even agreed with Lunchbox, saying he should be given something for his time. Amy says she doesn't think it will happen though.

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