The Show Reviews Their Forced Movies After Everyone Shared Their Favorites

The Bobby Bones Show did a segment called 'Forced Movie Recommendations' last week where everyone on the show shared their favorite movie and then someone else had to watch it, and review it this week on air.

Bobby Bones had to watch 'Sweet Home Alabama,' the recommendation came from Morgan2 who said it was her favorite movie of all time.

Bobby's 'Sweet Home Alabama' Review:

Bones gave 'Sweet Home Alabama' 2.5/5 stars saying that he didn't like how the movie painted the character from New York, played by actor Patrick Dempsey, as the villain. He says the movie was very unrealistic as far as the whole wedding situation went down. He did share two scenes from the movie that he liked; the first scene where Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) kisses Jake (Josh Lucas) when they were young kids setting up the whole movie, and the bar scene where Melanie returns to her hometown and goes to the local bar to get her husband Jake to sign their divorce papers.


Morgan2 had to watch 'Man On The Moon,' the recommendation came from Bobby, who loves the movie and thinks Jim Carrey plays a great Andy Kaufman.

Morgan2's 'Man On The Moon' Review:

She gave 'Man On The Moon' 3.5/5 Jim Carreys. Morgan2 says that the whole hour of the first movie was very awkward and she didn't understand what was going on. But then the movie picks up in the second part of it when Andy Kaufman (Jim Carrey) gets cancer and no one believes him. She noted two scenes in the movie that were a lot for her; the scene where Andy starts wrestling women as a comedic prank, and the last scene when someone comes to a club as Andy's alter ego Tony years after Andy 'died' and everyone thought Andy might still be alive.


Amy had to watch 'Life Is Beautiful,' the recommendation came from Eddie, who really loves older movies, particularly this one with subtitles.

Amy's 'Life Is Beautiful' Review:

She gave the movie 3/5 Italians. She says she probably would have given it a higher review if the movie wasn't in Italian and she had to read subtitles the whole time. Amy said that the movie was darker than she anticipated with it being about the Holocaust. She attempted to talk about two scenes from the movie, but no one knew the language the characters were speaking without talking about it.

Lunchbox had to watch 'The Beach,' the recommendation came from Raymundo, who says it was one of Leonardo DiCaprio's first good movies.

Lunchbox's 'The Beach' Review:

He gave the movie 1/5 sand castles. He says it's the worst movie he's ever watched and he doesn't think anyone should spend time watching it. Lunchbox says there were only two parts of the movie he remotely enjoyed, the scene where Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio) kills a shark and then some hot girls in it.


Eddie had to watch 'Dirty Dance,' the recommendation came from Amy, who notes the movie as one of her top three favorites.

Eddie's 'Dirty Dancing' Review:

He gave the movie 4.5/5 babies. Eddie says he regrets not watching this movie when it first came out, confessing that it's a really solid movie. He says theres romance, conflict, people struggling, and all the things to make a really good movie. He told Bones that he better watch it because it kind of reminded Eddie of Bones time on Dancing With The Stars.


Raymundo had to watch 'White Chicks,' the recommendation came from Lunchbox, who claims that the movie is underrated when it comes to comedy movies.

Raymundo's 'White Chicks' Review:

He gave the movie 3/5 womens' masks. He says the movie was difficult to watch because the main characters Marcus and Kevin (Marlon and Shawn Wayans) played two female characters the whole show and had to talk in really high pitched voices. Raymundo said that despite the annoying voices, the story kept a good plot line and he did laugh a few times.


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