Everyone Gives An Update On Their Current Relationship Status

The Bobby Bones Show did a new segment on the show called "Relationship Island" where everyone shared a little tid bit on whats going on in their romantic lives at the moment. Everyone on the show is at a different place in their love lives with Amy, Lunchbox, and Eddie all being married with kids at various stages, and Bobby and Morgan2 both being single and dating.

Bobby's Relationship Island:

Bobby was the first to share an update. He's currently single, dating and working on his feelings with a new therapist. He is going on a third date with someone this weekend to the Tennessee Titans game in Nashville. This will be their third time out together after a first date at coffee and second date at lunch. This date he also invited Eddie and Raymundo to be there along with them.

Amy's Relationship Island:

Amy said that it's all about football right now in her house. Her and her husband are working on 'dating' again and finding time for themselves. She says they are also in the midst of dating their kids.

Lunchbox's Relationship Island:

Lunchbox says his wife is annoyed with all of the sports going on their television. He says he's attempting to be nice and give his wife the remote control once in awhile, especially whenever there's a break in sports.

Eddie's Relationship Island:

Eddie says that even with all the chaos of having their two kids and their two foster kids in the house, he and his wife are the best they've ever been. Recently though a situation came up and he didn't know how to comfort his wife. He says it was hard for him because after 14 years he didn't know the right move to comfort his person.

Morgan2's Relationship Island:

Morgan2 says she deleted all of the dating apps off her phone. She confessed that she feels like she just needs a full dating hiatus in her life right now and just needs to let life happen. Also, she shared that she's in therapy working on trying not to date bad guys.

Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones

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