Lunchbox Wants To Investigate The Sketchy Things His Neighbor Does

Lunchbox Update On Neighbor

Lunchbox lives in a relatively great area of Nashville, but there are some sketchy things that still go down.

Recently, Lunchbox noticed that his neighbor is doing some sketchy things with other people and his trash can. He noticed that his neighbor will lay things in his trashcan and someone else will come and grab things from it. He will also get into cars to leave, and come back in just a few minutes.

Naturally, Lunchbox is convinced his neighbor is doing something illegal like dealing drugs or something with drugs. He's so intrigued that he wants to go look into the trashcan and find out what's happening. But he also doesn't want to be caught in a bad situation.

The guys on The Bobby Bones Show convinced Lunchbox to do some further investigating like cameras or go into the trashcan during daytime. An update will come soon.

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