TMSG: Principal Writes Tooth Fairy After Kid Loses Tooth On Playground

Curt Angeli, principal at Gillett Elementary School, stepped up to help one of his students after a tooth incident.

One of his students was playing outside at recess in the schools "ga-ga pit" which is there area of a dodgeball-like game. Angeli said the student's tooth was already loose when he went into the pit, and during the course of the game, he realized it was gone.

While Angeli says the student is a "quite logical young boy," he was still very worried he would not have the proper capital for the Tooth Fairy exchange. So one of the principal's paraprofessionals suggested he write a note for the student to give to the Tooth Fairy.

Angeli vouched for the student in the written letter and asked the Tooth Fairy to accept his letter as "official verification of a lost tooth and provide the standard monetary exchange rate you normally use for a real tooth."

The mom shared the note on Facebook, writing with the caption "It's a great day to be a tiger!" And yes, the note did work for the little boy, who shared the news with Angeli the following Monday, he said he received a dollar under his pillow.

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