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Viral Post Showing New "ABC Song" Frustrating The Internet

A viral video circling the Internet is making a lot of people mad. Twitter user Noah Garfinkel tweeted a video assumably pulled from the Internet about a new version of the ABC Song otherwise known as The Alphabet Song. He wrote with the video, "They changed the ABC song to clarify the LMNOP part, and it is life ruining."

The "they" he is referring to is just a slang phrase of him saying 'some people did this,' because the thread doesn't address who actually created the new song or whether parents and teachers will be using this new version with their kids. The song focuses on really annunciating the "L M N O P" part in a different rhythm, instead of how the old song puts the letters together very quickly like "LMNOP."

The video is frustrating all kinds of Twitter users with many saying they will never change their ways from the original "ABC Song."