Bobby, Amy, & Eddie Went To St. Jude All Decked Out In Costumes

Bobby Bones, Amy, and Eddie all went to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital yesterday (October 29). Bones and Eddie brought along their guitars to play some of their kid and comedy songs for families there. Also along with them was Class of 2019 artist Caylee Hammack. They all decked out in Halloween costumes appropriately to celebrate the holiday a little early with the kids.

Bones dressed up as Recyclops from 'The Office,' Amy was dressed in a skeleton costume and had a name-tag note "I'm Bobby Bones," Eddie rocked a giant hotdog, Hammack was The Little Mermaid with her guitar player dressing up as a lobster (because they couldn't find a crab one). The group bused up to Memphis, Tennessee for the day where they sat down with families and their children in the hospital for some fun sing-alongs. They also toured the hospital for another time and were thankful for the reminder of all the good the hospital does.

While touring the hospital, they actually meant patient #17. The 17th ever patient with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Turns out he is also from Arkansas like Bones and in politics there, but now he lets the hospital do tests and studies on him to continue helping out.

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