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Craig Conover: Sewing Down South. Southern Charm. Mental Health. Gratitude.

FIRST THING: Craig Conover{@caconover}from Bravo’s Southern Charm is here to answer your questions that were sent in! It’s also ‘pillow talk’ time where Craig and Amy discuss how he started his lifestyle company, called Sewing Down South. 

SECOND THING: From getting started on Southern Charm to sharing in Amy’s dream of starring in a Hallmark movie, this thing is all about TV and the reality of it! 

THIRD THING: Amy & Craig get real about ADD, Adderall & mental health! They dig into what it’s like to have ADD & work with it now.

FOURTH THING: We find out all the things that Craig is grateful for in his life! Could there possibly a cookbook in his future?? We hope so! Be sure to check out:

(Episode 86)

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