Books With Box: Lunchbox Reviews 'Born A Crime' by Trevor Noah

Welcome to #BooksWithBox! I am going to be recommending one book a month that I enjoyed reading and I think you should read. I would love you to pick up the books I am reading, because I would never steer you wrong. The first review up is Born A Crime by Trevor Noah.

First of all I thought this was just another celebrity who would have a boring memoir who was just trying to make a little extra money. I didn't know anything about Trevor Noah besides the fact that he has a show on Comedy Central. No idea that he grew up in South Africa and had the struggles he faced growing up. Even though they were poor, that didn't stop Trevor's Mom from making sure he was educated because she knew education was the key to having options. 

Noah's ability to write about all of the hardship in his life in a comedic manner made the book great. You learn a lot about the history of South Africa, which I was oblivious about, but you will laugh while you're learning. Who knew Trevor Noah burned down a house? Who knew Trevor Noah was the best DJ around? Who knew Trevor's mother threw him out of a moving bus? The bond between Mother and Son is on full display and this book is Trevor Noah honoring his mother. 

My review doesn't do it justice, because I have no idea how to write. The book is FANTASTIC. I guarantee you won't be disappointed or I will owe you a high five. 

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