Amy And Lunchbox Found Out They've Been Looking At The Same House

Amy and Lunchbox Looking At Same House

Amy has been talking about moving for a few days now ever since she found out her kids aren't able to attend the school that was planned. According to the school district in their area, Amy's daughter and son aren't quite ready to move to the school based on their language learning and other learning situations for the time being.

Amy and her husband don't want to keep their kids from joining a normal school over their current 'English As A Second Language' school.So they started talking about moving from the neighborhood they love. Amy brought up on the show that there's a house they really like that's closer to her dad's living center and in the right school district.

As it turns out, Lunchbox and his wife have also been talking about moving. Lunchbox and his wife are welcoming their second baby in 2020 and they need more room. They'd like to have a room for both of their kids, and a spare bedroom for family to visit. Lunchbox, much like Amy, doesn't want to move from their current neighborhood but shared it's probably for the best.

While talking on The Bobby Bones Show, Amy and Lunchbox realized that they have been looking at the same house to move into. They both really love the house and say it's perfect for their family. Now, it's a matter of time before we found out who ends up with the house, if either at all.