Stanley Is Recovering After Undergoing Four Procedures

Bobby Stanley Surgery Update

Bobby Bones got his bulldog Stanley earlier this year. Since then Bones has been dealing with health issues with Stanley. Most bulldog owners know, this typical breed of dog has lots of health issues that have to be taken care of early on.

So Bones veterinarian decided to have all the procedures done at once, so Stanley didn't have to go under multiple times. Stanley went into surgery yesterday morning (November 6) and Bones got to pick him up late that evening. The veterinarian performed four different procedures: neutering, cherry eye removal, tissue removal to help breathing, and one other on Stanley's private area.

While the surgeries mostly went well, Stanley is still going to have some issues. He has to go see a specialty doctor for his private area, only one cherry eye was removed - so another may have to be removed in the future, and he will still face some breathing issues due to so much tissue and the veterinarian not being able to take it all out safely.

Despite a few hiccups, Stanley is doing well post surgery and back home with Bones.