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Becky Powell: Faith. Family & Friends. Country Music. For King & Country.

FIRST THING: Becky Powell author of “Awful Beautiful Life”, is here to share with us what got her through the most difficult time of her life. The book is a retelling of when her husband took his own life and left her & her 3 children with over 21 million dollars of debt. It's just unimaginable. She talks with Amy about one of the ways she managed to make it through that dark time - her faith!!. SECOND THING: When life came crumbling down in the aftermath of her husbands death and the FBI investigation on her family, Becky was surrounded by family & friends. In this ‘thing’ she shares the importance of being there for someone who is walking through a hard time! THIRD THING: Have you ever felt like a certain song helped you get through something? Well Becky attributes country music and it’s powerful lyrics to helping her not feel alone during this well as bubble baths! FOURTH THING: Australian pop-Christian duo For King & Country sits down to talk with Amy about their new song with Dolly Parton called “God Only Knows”. They also talk and laugh about becoming American citizens, kangaroos and gratitude! 



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(Episode 88)

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