Morgan2 Tired Of Being Told To "Stop Looking For Love"

Morgan2 Dating Life

Morgan2 often shares her dating struggles on The Bobby Bones Show. She's often very open about the things she's gone through and likes to talk about them in case other people can relate.

On the show, Morgan2 confessed that she's been struggling with dating lately. She shared that she's tired of people telling her to "stop looking for love" and went on further to say that the dating culture today doesn't really work with that saying anymore. She says there are so many options for individuals in today's world from online, apps, to real life, there isn't just one way to meet a person anymore.

She blames these influx of options on people not wanting to commit to relationships or another person. All the while making dating much harder for those who are actually looking for something serious. Bobby Bones jumped in to say that he doesn't think "not looking for love" works either, he says it's like with most things in life, you have to go after what you want. But he did suggest, Morgan2 look in different areas of her life to change up how she's been looking.