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Annie F. Downs: Books. Podcast talk. Enneagram & Relationships. Gratitude.

FIRST THING: Getting to know Annie F. Downs {@anniefdowns}! Amy & Annie talk about how she ended up as a successful Christian author and speaker. We find out how Annie feels now about the first books she released and how her writing has evolved over the years. Also, we’re super excited to announce that we got the scoop on her next book to be released!! SECOND THING: Amy and Annie get into all things podcast related! “That Sounds Fun with Annie F Downs” is her very own podcast that covers topics from new books, faith conversations, travel stories to musicians and interviews! A special announcement is also made about both of their upcoming podcast tours, YAY!!! THIRD THING: In this thing, Annie shares about her passion for the enneagram! She shares what she’s learned about herself, her dating relationships and the people around her through her studies of the different enneagram numbers. FOURTH THING: As someone who loves having fun, we were super excited to learn what Annie F Downs is grateful for in her life and we have to say that we absolutely love her list…especially Mexican breakfast food, yum! 



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(Episode 90)

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