TMSG: Solider Surprises Seniors Who Started Writing Him In Kindergarten

U.S. Army Brigadier General Vincent Buggs became pen pals with a group of Georgia kindergartners in the early 2000s.

Buggs lives in Tampa now, but during his deployment to Iraq in 2007, he would send letters to his alma mater, Georgia Southern University. The University would help Buggs keep up with the scores for the football games since often times the Internet would go out and he couldn't keep up with who wins.

The alumni office wrote him one time and asked him to help a group of kindergartners at a small private school in Georgia by writing them. So he did, he first wrote them a story and then from there it evolved.

Over the next decade, no matter Buggs location, he would send the children countless letters and gifts. In return, the students would send him notes and care packages.

Those young pen pals are now high school seniors at David Emanuel Academy. And Buggs got to finally express his gratitude in person. He went to their school to meet them and the meeting gave everyone all the feels.