Bobby Spent The Holiday With Amy & Her Family

Thanksgiving Meal

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Bobby Bones spent his time off at his best friend, and co-host Amy's house.

Bones doesn't like to intrude on family situations, especially when it comes to the holidays. However, he was very pleasantly surprised at Amy's Thanksgiving. He says the whole day was very inclusive and Bones never felt out of place being there. Amy hosted the dinner bringing over 20+ people together in her home. It was several people from all walks of life including her sister and her family, as well as their father.

According to Bones, the Thanksgiving was a successful 5/5 cornucopias. When he showed up with friend Adam Bobo, there were apples with everyone's names on them and Amy managed to get everyone seated around the same table. She confessed that was her only goal for the day, and she was very thankful for her sister since she's the "Martha Stewart of the family."

Although it was Thanksgiving and meant for everyone to be bonding over the delicious food, Bones really bonded with Amy's daughter Stachira for the first time. He says it's hard because he feels like Stachira thinks Bones is the "dumb, old guy" and they don't have much in common. But Stachira loves TikTok and so does Bones. So the two of them spent lots of time doing TikTok dances and Bones got to teach Stachira an "8 count" so they could do a video together.