TMSG: Man Saves Stranger's Life After Pulling Him From Burning Car

Glennwood Little was on his way home from getting more fuel for his generators. One of the gas cans spilled in his backseat and since Little had been smoking a cigarette at the time, the fuel suddenly ignited and caused an explosion of flame inside the car.

After feeling a wave of yellow light and heat, Little tried to undo his seatbelt and escape the car, but he couldn't. Luckily, stranger Edward Cyr was on his way to dinner with his wife when he saw the explosion from his own car.

Stafford City Hall security footage then captured the next heroic moment. In the footage, you see Cyr run to Little's vehicle and pull him from the driver's seat.

Luckily, an ambulance also happened to be passing the street at the same time, so Cyr immediately transferred Little into the vehicle to head to the hospital for treatment.

Thanks to the actions of Cyr, Little escaped with relatively few burns.