Amy's Pile: KFC Brings Back KFC Fried Chicken Fire Logs

Christmas time is full of scents that bring us holiday cheer. And if for you, holiday scents may smell a little more like fried chicken then KFC has you covered for that too.

KFC first introduced their branded fire logs with a warm fried chicken smell in 2018 and after the chain sold its entire supply online in three hours, they decided to make a bigger comeback for 2019. So this year, the fire logs are on sale at Walmart for $18.99, while supplies last. The fire logs are promoted as a fried chicken-scented 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog.

Not only do the fire logs help your house smell like fried chicken, they are an environmentally sustainable alternative to firewood. The logs were made with Enviro-Log, a company that makes firewood substitutes from recycled waxed cardboard.

So grab your KFC fried chicken-scented fire logs at Walmart before it's too late!