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Answering Your Questions with Andrea (The 5th Thing)

This is Amy’s ‘5th Thing’ (a bonus episode) where she answers your questions every Tuesday! ‘4 Things With Amy Brown’ comes out every Thursday, but on Tuesdays Amy answers questions you’ve emailed in. On today’s episode Andrea Turner{@Naturallytruebeauty} is here with Amy to answer all your beauty questions: Recipes for a great bubble bath(detoxing and hydrating), choosing the right self tanning product, what to look for when scheduling a spray tan, detox teas...This is where Amy takes a little detour and Andrea and her get into eating disorders and what their own recovery has looked like. Now back to the beauty questions: what to have in your daily and weekly skin care routine, her DIY toner recipe, finding the best serum for your face, what facial products you should be investing in, the importance of eye cream and how to get the most benefits out of ice rolling. 



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(Episode 105)

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