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Bettering Yourself. 2020 Fashion. Word of the Year. Holiday Prep.

FIRST THING: What is something small you can do today to better yourself?? Amy has some suggestions that she found for making small daily actions to better our lives. SECOND THING: Clueless when it comes to trends each year? So is Amy. So she did some research and shares the top fashion trends you'll be seeing all year long and the hot colors for 2020. THIRD THING: Do you have a word of the year?? Amy does! Its her first time to have a "word" of the year, but she's into it. Choosing a word for your year is a great way to set your intentions for the year ahead. FOURTH THING: @KeatynKlaus is back to help us kick the new year off right! We’re so thankful for all the amazing tips to help us get ahead of the game for every holiday this year...that includes Christmas...yes, we know it's January!  

(Episode 106)

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