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Top Moments From Bobby's 'Running Wild With Bear Grylls' Episode

After months of anticipation, Bobby Bones' Running Wild With Bear Grylls episode finally aired on National Geographic.

The episode featured Bones adventuring through the Norway fjords with Grylls, where they had to rappel down cliffs and waterfalls, eat sheep, make a bonfire, and sleep inside their boats. Added throughout the whole episode was moments where Bones would get vulnerable with Grylls when asked about his life.

Fans online said that Bones was arguably the most vulnerable he'd ever been during the show. The episode ends with Bones and Grylls on the side of a helicopter flying out, and Bones noting that he was taken out of his comfort zone. Grylls also added his own remarks at the end sharing very kind words about Bones' character and never-giving-up attitude.

These were some of our top moments of the episode:

Bobby started the episode with dancing.

Bobby listing off all of his fears which included all of the things he was doing.

We found out why Bobby does stand-up comedy.

Bobby opened up about his relationship with his mother and what his life growing up was really like.

All of the close up shots of Bobby's face because of his chest GoPro.

Bobby rappelling down a cliff with rafts.

Bobby sharing the reasons behind why he wants to inspire people.

Bobby and Bear eating the dead sheep they found.

Bobby putting charcoal on his teeth.

When Bobby crossed the river with a stick as his lifesaving device.

The ending of the episode with Bobby & Bear rappelling down a 300ft waterfall.