Bobby Has Valentine's Day Plans For First Time In Years

Bobby Bones has been hinting at his dating life taking a turn. He's made several comments that have made listeners think he's dating someone, including making a dancing video on TikTok with someone they hadn't seen before.

Although it's still not confirmed, Bones did confirm today (January 24) that for the first time in a few years he has Valentine's Day plans or will be making them in the coming days. He further confirmed that he has been seeing someone and she doesn't live in Nashville. He said that since she doesn't live here, they're going to have to figure out how to get together.

He also shared in his Valentine's Day plans that they have hung out several times, although he's not ready to share all of the details quite yet. He did share a sweet moment recently of a romantic gesture. Bones said they were out running around when she mentioned one of her favorite gas station snacks. He remembered that and when he got back from visiting her, he sent her a whole box of her favorite thing.

Watch below of Bones talking all about his new 'relationship.'