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Bobby Bones Casually Announced He Basically Has A Girlfriend

Bobby Bones has been single for several years. He's been spending his time filming different television projects as well as working on himself and the commitment issues he's faced during his life.

After several months at a new therapist and an active look at his dating life, Bones seems to have found someone. While the details are hit and miss at this point as Bones is still new to this relationship and wants to keep things private, he did share some new things with The Bobby Bones Show this morning (January 28).

First Bones shared that he is headed back to his therapist after 3 weeks of her being gone and said it's going to be an eventful session. This is the first time he will be going into the therapy session with a somewhat relationship. Before, he had been going into his appointments single and trying to find someone. He continued on by sharing these details about the new woman in his life:

  • She's originally from Oklahoma, but lives in California now.
  • They're doing the long-distance thing and FaceTime almost every day.
  • They are exclusively seeing just each other.
  • The longest they've gone without seeing each other is 11 days.
  • He met her when he went for the premiere of DWTS because her friend works in PR for ABC Network.
  • She doesn't like to use any condiments.