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Social Media Trolls Make Bobby Question Sharing Details About Girlfriend

Bobby Bones announced last week that he has a girlfriend. Since announcing, Bones said that he wasn't ready to share the main details about her like posting about her on his social media. However, he did repost something she posted when he saw her over the weekend during his travel to film in Hawaii.

When he reposted the video, it shared where the video originated from and many of Bones fans saw it was his new girlfriend. Not only were they starting to invade her privacy, but they sent in several negative messages to her and Bones.

Bones said on the show that he was pretty defeated by what happened and he didn't know how to move forward with sharing his girlfriend on social media. The incident caused him to think it's best to not be public about his relationship. He also said he knows that's not really an option, but he may consider it further if people continue to be be mean to her on the Internet.