Food World: After 8 Years, Dunkaroos Are Finally Coming Back

The 90s are truly making their comeback in recent years. But it seems 2020 may be the biggest comeback yet, because Dunkaroos are officially coming back.

After lots of teasing and knock-off Dunkaroos created, the official brand from General Mills will be available again this summer. For those who may not know what Dunkaroos are... they are comprised of two things: cookies and icing. Each individual pack contains tiny, round cookies that can be dipped in icing with sprinkles.

Back in the day, you could get a bunch of different flavors of Dunkaroos like chocolate and strawberry, but for now it's just their most popular flavor coming back: Vanilla cookies and vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles.

They will be hitting store shelves this summer, the official date is yet to be announced.