Psychic Predicts Bobby Will Be Engaged By The End Of The Year

Last year, Bobby Bones had Amy's psychic cousin Amanda call into The Bobby Bones Show to predict what would happen in 2019 for him. Although he really doesn't believe is psychic abilities, Amanda predicted things pretty well for Bones. A lot of what she said would happen, came true in 2019, even the timeline of how things would happen.

So Bones decided to bring Amanda back on to talk about he predictions for his 2020 year. Some of the things she noted are alarming like Bones working on new projects and it's impact on the radio show. Others are exciting, like her noting that Bones will most likely be getting married by the end of this year or beginning of next.

Amanda works from Belize and has between 2,000 to 3,000 clients from all over the world. After her last appearance on The Bobby Bones Show, Amanda said that many listeners became clients after Bones interview. She shared that when she refers to 'they' during her reading it is in reference to the highest form of self in the person she's reading. Here are the questions Bones asked for 2020:

  • What's happening in my new relationship? Amanda says Bones' new girlfriend is very headstrong and holds her ground. Amanda says Bobby likes his girlfriend's humility, but she will also give him a lot of openness. Amanda continued by saying Bones energy is different than the last time they talked, she feels a different vibration. Further sharing that his girlfriend will balance him out in ways that make him feel safe.
  • Do I end up with this girl? Amanda says that in the middle of the year Bones will freak out. He will go through many highs and lows. With his relationship, his girlfriend will challenge him and he shouldn't feel threatened from it. She continues to keep her privacy and not like being a public person, Amanda stated that's good for Bones because he needs the privacy to help him feel safe.
  • Amanda also noted that May will be an interesting month because Bones has new dreams and she feels something will happen big in this month. Potentially something with the radio show. Amanda told Bones that as long as he chooses things that align with his career, everyone around him will be ok.
  • What's going to happen new in my career? Amanda says that this is a year Bones steps out on a new path where he will stand alone. She noted there are many creative projects coming his way and he's going to have a lot of options. She also shared that his dreams right now, won't be the same later.
  • Will Bobby get engaged this year? If it's not this year, it will be early next year. Amanda says it's up in the air whether it will be end of year or beginning of next.
  • Will Bobby ever have children? Yes, for sure.
  • How does his dog feel about him? Stanley is where he's he's learned to cultivate vulnerability. Amanda said that right now Stanley is testing Bones and wanting Bones to shift in being less controlling.
  • Will anyone from this radio show go on a different career path this year? Not showing clearly. If anyone does, maybe it will be Lunchbox.

Amanda also addressed some things with Amy during her reading:

  • Says last year really tested Amy emotionally, but this will be the year Amy is going to feel 100% on her feet. She will stop being pulled in so many directions, plus new opportunities are coming her way. She says they will most likely be philanthropic, and it will be a breakthrough year for Amy.
  • Amanda spoke with Amy's mother during the reading, sharing that her mother says her energy is in the ring that her mother gave her. She wanted to pass along a message to Amy that Amy has turned out to be a great mom, and she knows she's struggling, but she's very proud of Amy.