Artist Brandon Ray Gifted Eddie's Son New Amp For School Of Rock Class

Eddie Kid Amp From Brandon Ray

One of his Eddie's sons has recently picked up some of Eddie's interests. Eddie Jr. wanted to learn how to to play guitar and read music, but instead of having Eddie teach him, he wanted to join classes. So Eddie and his wife enrolled Eddie Jr. into classes at the School of Rock in Nashville.

The school works with kids of all ages and helps them obtain whatever skills they're interested in. Turns out that Eddie Jr. needed an amp to use with his guitar for practices so Eddie gave him a hand-me-down. When Eddie talked about this on The Bobby Bones Show a few weeks ago, artist Brandon Ray heard that he was having to use an old amp. So instead of letting that happen, Ray and his wife purchased a brand new amp to gift to Eddie's son.

Eddie's son was so excited and Eddie and his Wife were genuinely touched by Ray's gesture.