Bobby Answers FAQs From The Text Line

Listeners of The Bobby Bones Show always want to know the latest happenings in the lives of the show crew members.

Many people ask questions or ask for updates on certain topics on the show by texting in through the number 26229. These are some of the questions frequently asked and answered today (February 13) by Bobby.

  • What is everyone's guilty pleasure snack? Bobby's favorite guilty pleasure snack is Werther's Originals. Amy's favorite guilty pleasure snack is called Hippeas.
  • Why is Scuba Steve (new executive producer of the show) called Scuba? When Steve was the producer of another show, the movie 'Big Daddy' came out and since his name was Steve, people started to call him 'Scuba Steve' after seeing the movie. Since then the name just stuck.
  • How old is Bobby's girlfriend? She is 28-years-old. Bobby is 39.
  • Has Bobby's girlfriend read his book? She has not, and hasn't mentioned anything about it. After a while, Bobby says he will probably offer up the option to read it if she wants.