Eddie Challenged After Saying He Was An Expert On Classical Music

Eddie Guesses Classical Songs

Between Bobby Bones and Eddie, it's sometimes hard to tell who has the better knowledge of all the music varieties. When they're up against each other in games on The Bobby Bones Show, Bones normally wins, but Eddie's the only one who could get close enough to almost win.

This comes as no surprise as both of them are part of Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots. While talking during the show, Eddie confessed that he used to DJ classical music and when he's at home, he really enjoys listening to it. No one believed him, saying that he was just trying to look cool. So today (February 12) Eddie was challenged to a classical music game. Eddie had to name the composer of the classical piece of music playing.

He has to get 3 out of 6 right, if not then Bones got to change Eddie's avatar on Twitter, and Instagram. If Eddie won, Bones had to pay him $50. As it turns out, Eddie knows enough, he got 3 out of 6 right and Bones had to pay up.