These Are The Poems We Shared For Our Partners This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is officially here and The Bobby Bones Show got into the holiday spirit with some lovely poems written about their significant others.

Everyone wrote about the current love situation in their lives. Amy and Eddie have been married for several years. Lunchbox has been married to his wife for the past 4 years. Raymundo is newly engaged to his girlfriend of 6 years. Bobby has a new girlfriend for a couple months now. Mike D has been dating his girlfriend for over a year. And Morgan2 is very single and decided to share a poem about her dog. Here's everyone's poems!

Bobby's Poem to his girlfriend:

Your hair is golden like the sun

On the coast of California, but Oklahoma is where you're from

I can't wait for the day - you give the Sooners the axe

And pledge your loyalty to the (Arkansas) Razorbacks

When we're out in public, the people stare

Cause your 10 times hotter and I can't compare

You're even funnier than me and that makes me sad

Cause humor is really all that I had...

It's obvious, I'm the one who is lucky

You made the days seem less sucky

Most of all, I want to say

I'm glad I have you this Valentine's Day

Amy's Poem to her husband:

You wooed me with your Air Force flight suit.

Very Top Gun looking and very, very cute.

You annoyingly have to always be early, which to you is on time.

And after 13-years of marriage...I find you still in your prime.

Thank you for being a great dad and keeping up with our crazy life.

I’m honored to be your wife.

Where is that flight suit by the way??

You should maybe wear it this Valentine’s Day!!!!!!

Lunchbox's Poem to his wife:

To My Wife:

You are my HOTTIE

I love it when you're Naughty

You have a baby in your tummy

Don't worry you still look yummy yummy

You will always be BabyBox's mommy

I hope you never stop calling me DADDY

LB used to have lots and lots of ladies

I thank God you were born in the 80's

Love wrapping my arms around you

Still so happy we said I DO

You're my best friend

I will love you until the end

Eddie's Poem to his wife:

As I look around this house and our party of SIX

can’t believe it all started with TWO and now FOUR of them are our kids

Lucky they have you as their MOM

but to have you as my wife….is DA BOMB

You make my heart explode (wink) 

Like a really good Netflix episode

I write these words….not just to Rhyme 

but to remind us of our wonderful life together on this day of Valentine

Morgan2's Poem to her dog:

It’s been 4 years since I found you,

and we became best friends out of the blue.

We like to cuddle and go on walks,

and your favorite thing is when I use baby talk.

I will never know much about your past,

but that doesn’t matter because our love will always last.

It’s been 4 years since I rescued you,

but really, you rescued me too.

Raymundo's Poem to his fiancé:

I took 6 years to make you a Slater,

Luckily you didn’t kill me like an alligator.

Finally when I gave you a ring,

I grabbed you for good and put you under my wing.

Now that our future is set,

I no longer find the urge to bet.

Our future starts October 24th night,

And I promise you it will be very bright.

Mike D's Poem to his girlfriend:

No luck with dating apps on my phone

I figured I would die alone

But I found you instead,

You came and cleaned the mess from my head.

You’ve shown me what true love means

It’s everything that happens in between the scenes

And even though you’re 800 miles away

I know it won’t always be this way.

In case you forget, know that it’s true…

I’m always thinking of ways to get back to you.