TMSG: Off-Duty Nurses Save Toddler Who Almost Drowned In Pool

Two off-duty nurses are being hailed as heroes after video footage shows them swinging into action to save a toddler.

The Livonia Police Department shared a statement and footage on their Facebook page of a pool at a Holiday Inn Express. At one point in the video, a small child - who police said is 2 years old - is seen flailing his arms near the steps of the pool.

No one notices and he's trying to stay afloat and then he completely disappears. Moments later, a 9-year-old child walks over and starts pointing to the young boy and calling the help of a woman. That woman, later identified as a nurse, rushes to the pool, leaps in fully-clothed and brings the 2-year-old to the surface. That woman hands off the child to another woman, also later identified as a nurse. The two women then began performing CPR and were able to revive the child.