Chris Kirkpatrick Says *NSYNC Reunion Isn't In The Cards

Chris Kirkpatrick moved to Nashville recently and it only makes sense that The Bobby Bones Show brings on *NSYNC's founding member to guest host. Lunchbox is out for a few weeks to be with his family after his wife gave birth to baby number 2, so the show has had different people in to guest host in his place.

During his time guest hosting, Kirkpatrick talked about his days as a member of *NSYNC, as well as what he's up to now. First he debunked the rumor that he was almost part of Backstreet Boys. Kirkpatrick went to school with Howie D from Backstreet Boys and when Backstreet Boys was being formed, Howie D said that Kirkpatrick didn't "fit the mold" for a boyband. Fast forward to some time later, Kirkpatrick was the founding member of boyband *NSYNC. He shared with Bobby Bones that he was always into arranging music and A capella type groups that a boyband did seem like a natural fit for him. Kirkpatrick says he found Justin Timberlake who was the first addition, then they added JC Chasez and Joey Fatone and the last addition was Lance Bass, who was found through Timberlake's vocal coach.

Despite almost the entire world wanting a *NSYNC reunion, Kirkpatrick says that a reunion of all five members is not in the cards. He says there have been no discussions about the 5 of them reuniting, but some do work on side projects together like him and Joey. He reassures fans by saying "never say never" noting that it's not impossible, just not in the in the near future.

Watch Chris Kirkpatrick fill in as guest host during The Bobby Bones Show today (February 24) and share some life stories.