Bobby Changed His Medical Power Of Attorney In His Will

A few years ago Bobby Bones put together his will in the case something would happen to him. He doesn't have many family members left, so he shared on The Bobby Bones Show that a lot of his friends may be in the will.

While much of the will is undisclosed, something Bones did note was that Amy and his ex-girlfriend Lindsay Ell were in his will as his Medical Power of Attorneys. They were in place to be the ones to make decisions if someone had to keep Bones alive or pull the plug. These two have been in this position on his will for many years, even after Ell and Bones broke up.

Now with Bones in a new relationship, he wanted to make sure he addressed his will. Instead of leaving just Amy on, Bones took off Ell and added his other good friend Eddie. He decided to keep anyone he's in a 'relationship' with off of the will for the time being.